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What We Do

Planned for Perfection

GAV Systems

Is a leading global business services provider of customer experience management. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that helps your business plan deeper, transparent and better optimized customer connections and experiences- from strategy development through execution. GAV delivers top tier service for our client/partners that is centered on providing customer satisfaction in every call. We realize each and every interaction with your customers is the most important part of the relationship. Service and professionalism coupled with meeting and exceeding client standards is ingrained in the foundational beliefs of the GAV team. We strive to understand the culture of our partners and replicate their culture of success. GAV offers a deep understanding of project management, process alignment, and strategic thinking to create and maintain a winning sourcing strategy.

  • Innovative & Creative

    Creativity and Innovation Management fills a crucial gap in management literature between the theory and practice of organizing imagination and innovation. It gives managers insights into introducing innovation within their organizations and accelerating the development of creative performance in their staff.

  • High Quality

    Specific metrics for GAV’s agents, which will vary depending on the type and complexity of the work to be performed.Time frames for the achievement, which also will vary depending on the type and complexity of the work to be performed and Corrective and remedial measures, including service credits, to be implemented in the event of unachieved targets.

  • Cost Effective

    The relatively cost efficient manpower makes India a very attractive base for sourcing cross-border IT-enabled services and the most cost effective location for off-shore Business Process and Customer Contact services outsourcing.

  • Highly Experienced

    The leadership team has an average of 7+ years experience along with managed teams providing 24x7 coverage,Driven large and business critical processes and campaigns with proven success,Experience in a wide range of domains,Management of Metrics driven targets.

What Services We Offer

What's truly radical is, What you can do with it..!

GAV Systems Private Limited started in response to the ever-increasing need of high quality, low cost business process outsourcing services in Bangalore. The need to provide UK, USA and Australia based companies with call center customer service support, service management and back office solutions :- GAV Systems was formed.

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Our Work Flow

  • Planning

    Higher efficiency, by eliminating problematic process steps like loops and bottlenecks

    Higher accuracy, by including checkpoints and success measures to make sure process steps are completed accurately

    Greater understanding by all staff of what they need to do to meet their department objectives

  • Execution Model

    Campaigns and Process will be exclusive to each client.

    Infrastructure and Resources hired / allocated as per the client needs and scope of the process

    Recruitment and HR manages the hiring pipeline in accordance with the “Talent Acquisition & Retention” methodology. Historically, the hiring rate has been able to keep pace with the client’s ramp up plan.

    Infrastructure integration with the client and center shall be actively managed by the GAV Systems infrastructure expertise. Data security norms shall be implemented to be compliant with the client’s requirement.

  • Team Value Proposition

    Strong Leadership team with proven Client/Customer handling & delivery capabilities, team building record and mentoring abilities

    Senior management team have handled multi-million dollar accounts

    Handled clients in India, US and UK.

    Knowledge of industry certified quality processes

    Qualified team for Business/Process experts.

  • Implementation

    All IT equipments required are already in place.

    PC stations ready for deployment

    Internet Bandwidth on demand

    Minimum of 60 days roll-out on hardware and Telco requirements

    Servers and IPL on stand by ready for use

    Recruitment and Training

    Minimum of 45 days to complete manning requirements both for management and agents

    Foundation training will be completed minimum of 30 days

  • Launch

    A leading provider of global Business Process outsourcing services, today announced the launch of a next-generation technology solution .This new set of offerings leverages high-end embedded analytics, automation and web-based “on-demand” infrastructure to address real-life business challenges such as disruption, revenue recovery, interline fare audit and queue management.

  •   Innovation distinguish between a leader & a follower.   - Steve Jobs

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